Department Head's Message




Welcome To the Department of Statistics at Yildiz Technical University, İstanbul


Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Yildiz Technical University. We are proud of our department established in 1990 which is a part of rapidly developing university in a beautiful city, İstanbul, in our beautiful developing country, Turkey.


First of all, the quality and the future of the department, ethical values, understanding the era are very crucial for us.  We advise to our students as our friends the importance of labor and hardworking to gain future, honor and dignity. We would like to share the happiness of improving together not with any fear but with the feeling of loving the department.   


We are able to recognize that we have reasons to look at the future with hope.


In today's world, the prospect of statistics is increasing, but with this increase the other branches of science are making more profit. Data Science and other popular new approaches use statistics very heavily.


Big Data, Machine Learning Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are required to master the statistical science.


For Data Science, which covers all these new data technologies, it is stated that statisticians who have experience in computer science and computer scientists who have experience in statistics should be employed in this field. It is not wrong to mention here that in a project in the field of data science, the average statistical weight is 75%. Within this area in Turkey, unfortunately, we have not clearly and sufficiently understood by it. Those who have a high score in the University Placement Examination and who do not choose the statistic are confronted with the question of whether they choose the statistical method in business life. We have witnessed them many times.


The reasons why we are in the first three among statistics departments in Turkey are the increasing demand from industry for our students and growing scientific activities in our department.


Another mission of our department is helping our students find appropriate jobs; generally it is their priority, by building bridges between theoretical and practical lessons. We have the responsibility to prepare students to be leaders having modern knowledge in their fields, and to commit ethical values.  Our faculty tries to create and disseminate the leading edge of knowledge in the statistical sciences in Master of Science and Ph.D. programs.


We have enough computer laboratories and programs highly used in statistical fields. We try to prepare our students to be able to work in a multidisciplinary group by giving them individual and group work assignments.


Moreover, our students go abroad with Erasmus program and gain invaluable experiences in their field in a foreign university with this opportunity. We also have some guest students from other national universities with Farabi program.


I wish you success with the awareness of the necessity of being better all the time with all faculty and students in a peaceful environment!


Prof. Dr. Ali Hakan Büyüklü


Department Head