Mission & Vision


Our Mission is;

To raise students who believe in the philosophy of continuous education, sensitive to social problems, participate in social activities, are able to combine theory and practical information, tend to have an analytic mind and use contemporary information technologies, are opt to do group work and self-confident.

To have academicians who are open to scientific development and able to find solutions for the problems encountered in theory and its practice, use information technologies, work in coordination with national and international universities and institutions, obey scientific-ethic rules and communicate well with students.

To become a department in which career developments in global level are followed closely and important statistical researches are carried out, whose authority has been accepted by both public and private institutions, and which is in coordination with its graduates, reputable both in its own country and abroad, and also accredited.


Our vision is;

Through education of Statistics, to become one of the most favorable departments in the production of data in its use in Turkey that is capable of competing with similar departments all across the world.

Departmental Objectives

Within the department:

To apply active education methods and have the technical equipment, Internet facilities and a reference library that are required to reach this objective.

To increase the number of instructors and make them more qualified. 

To organize seminars, conferences and symposiums.

Based on these aims:

To revise the publications and books of the instructors in this field in the way that encourages analytic thinking. 

To introduce authentic studies of instructors in a way that is beneficial for science and society.